Victoria Kingston

Simon and Garfunkel at the Richmond Theatre

Victoria and David attended The Simon and Garfunkel Story at Richmond Theatre, as special guests of Dean Elliott, the show’s producer and star. To say they are a tribute band is inadequate. They are very talented and have become very popular – indeed, it was tricky to catch up with them at a local venue, but all things come to those who wait. Next year, it’s South Africa – and London’s West End!

Although months and months into the touring, when many shows start to get tired and jaded, this show is still as fresh as a daisy. Dean and Jonny and their wonderful band are still performing with energy and enthusiasm. They still talk to the audience warmly and intimately as if they did it all for the first time yesterday.

Simon and. Garfunkel - Richmond Theatre
Simon and. Garfunkel – Richmond Theatre

The back screen, showing pictures from the period – some of the duo, some of America itself, works as a counterpoint to the music: sometimes ironic, sometimes poignant – and while it does all this, it never detracts from the centre stage. Even if this isn’t the first time you’ve seen the show. Truthfully, you could see this show again and again and it would still retain its sparkle, its originality, its sheer entertainment value.

This time I noticed more details: how wonderful the lighting is. When Dean and Jonny come onstage as Paul and Artie at Central Park, the silhouette-effect is quite stunning, quite tingling really – like seeing a moment from the past flash by you. There was a kind of gasp from the audience. It also struck me – and maybe it did the first time too – just how excellent a guitarist Dean Elliott is. The band members are masters of their instruments – and Paul Simon compositions really do challenge the musician – but they also perform well as an ensemble.

They all work so hard – belting out the upbeat songs and sweetly singing the ballads – and you wonder where they get their energy from. Long may they continue. Meanwhile, don’t miss out. Book some tickets. These guys really do know how to keep the customers satisfied.