Victoria Kingston

Reviews of Victoria's highly acclaimed book - Simon and Garfunkel: The Definitive Guide

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“Victoria Kingston’s engaging and informative biography is a seminal history of the Simon and Garfunkel collaboration. A work of painstaking attention to detail and accuracy. Candid, comprehensive, insightful and poignant, a must-read for all fans, and a very highly recommended addition to personal, academic and community library music history and biography collections.”

The Bookwatch (USA)

“Her research on Simon’s years in England is particularly thorough.”

Mick Brown, The Sunday Times

“Victoria Kingston meticulously traces their ups and downs in a well-researched biography, which seeks to find the real men behind the pictures on the album sleeves. As fine a musical biography as anyone could wish for – highly recommended.”

Richie Hardin, Lincolnshire Echo

“A straightforward and poignant biography, Kingston addresses key topics with passionate understanding and brevity. A detailed account of the musical duo’s spectacular career that has feelings as well as facts.”

Jeffrey L. Perlah, Billboard Magazine (USA)

“Kingston is excellent at analysing Simon as a songwriter. She offers an intriguing slant on S&G’s Jewishness – and her portrait of Simon’s Jewish wedding to Carrie Fisher and the relationship’s eventual self-destruction – is one of the book’s highlights.”

Don Carnell, Jewish Chronicle

“The biography contains a wealth of detail. The background of every song is described and analysed and the reasons for their split are explained. A must for all fans.”

Ken Nelson, Lancashire Evening Telegraph

“Few biographies go into their histories with such integrity. Her painstaking research included extensive interviews with friends and Art Garfunkel himself.” 

Susanna Glaser, Fine Time

“This is a must for fans of Simon and Garfunkel, solo or together.”

Alex Gordon, Peterborough Evening Telegraph

“The lives of the duo are dissected with forensic skill. It has all the detail you need.” 

Edward Docx, Express

“Kingston’s bio is like one of Simon and Garfunkel’s great singles: deceptively simple, devoid of pretense, extremely charming.”

Publishers Weekly (USA)