Victoria Kingston

Interview with Jilly Cooper

“Victoria is currently researching her next book about rescue dogs – and was delighted to interview the bestselling author and dog lover – Jilly Cooper at her home in Gloucestershire. Jilly was charming and fascinating. Naturally, they talked about owning rescue dogs: both women had childhoods filled with canine family members. Jilly also talked about her writing – and how the beloved dogs fit into her very busy life. There will be a chapter all about Jilly in the new book.

This interview came about because a mutual friend, Judy Zatonski, “put in a good word” for Victoria. Judy makes beautiful, bespoke greetings cards – Jilly is one of her “customers” but, more importantly, a close and treasured friend.”

Jilly Cooper
Jilly Cooper

Thank you Jilly, for a funny, entertaining – and thoroughly enjoyable interview.